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I'd like some input.

Your idea leaves nothing to be desired.

Roland never liked that.

A pair of canaries are her only friends.

It would be best to leave it to a man who knows the ropes.

It's going to be all right, isn't it?

You'll miss Jeff.

You have to have a new crown.

All I know is what I read in the papers.

I don't like the food at that deli.

Such a custom should be done away with.


I just wanted to help the team.

Would you come over here?

Jerry is not one of us.

I'm starting to fall in love with you.

Some people will find his behaviour strange.


Naples gathers many tourists.


Show your photograph.

Can I get you something to drink?

I wonder if Major still likes Lum.

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Mara doesn't trust anybody.


Jarvis struggled to express how he felt.


I actually voted that I'm not a perfectionist, though. I have some of the signs on the list to a high degree but not entirely motivated by perfection.

His ideas carry a lot of weight.

Mixing with people at a party can be terrifying for shy people.

Judy was watching Boyd and John.

She had nothing else to lose.

I think it's great that you got that job.

How many engineers took part in the conference?

She left her ticket at home.

I found it necessary to get assistance.

I hate it when my clothes smell of cigarette smoke.

Margaret dialed the number again.

It is polite of him to write me back at once.

Girls please me.


Are there any good seats left for tonight?

She was beside herself with grief at the news of her son's accident.

After the heavy rain, there was a big flood.


He won't admit his fault.

It gets better.

We'll sort it out.

This material never wears out.

The boy said, "He has the book."

Hartmann was about to say something, but Hirofumi started talking first.

I don't claim to be anything else.

Are you awake yet?

I can't get up.

Be frank with me!

How long have you and Brent been roommates?

They're family.

It's beginning to get absorbed!

He always speaks well of her.

I haven't seen Chris since he was thirteen.

I think I really love you, Lois.

Why are you in such a bad mood this evening?

His company went under during the crisis.

Can I have everyone's attention please?


Did you see the picture?

If they don't mind, they are welcome to eat the leftovers in the fridge.

Stacey has some things to talk to you about.

He called a taxi for me.

He was furious.

I'm responsible for everything.

My Latin teacher used to look down sternly on me over the rim of her glasses, but now I know it only had to do with the fact that she was wearing reading glasses and that she will have found it a nuisance taking them off all the time, so what looked like contempt towards us students might well and truly have been kindness.

Sunil is looking for a convenience store that sells lottery tickets.

I'm in love with you and I want to marry you.

I like to eat hot soup.

Jelske didn't know which one to choose.


Did you ever work with her?


I suddenly realized that everything in my life was not an accident.

At five o'clock, there's always a rush.

The colors don't mingle well.

All Dana seems to want is money.

What's your purpose in visiting this country?

I have to buy a new pair of skis.

I couldn't figure out what Andries was going to do.


You get rusty if you haven't spoken English for a long time.

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It's been ten years since he died.

Atuqtuaq's father drives a snowmobile.

Micky gave Brad an icy stare.

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No matter when you visit Turkey, you will definitely have a good time.


"Are you making a snowman?" "No, I'm making a snow woman."

Just sit over there with him.

There's no food.

I fixed one.

Let's get drunk.

I also recommend to visit at least one city which is usually not visited by tourists.

It appears that he is a musician.

She's a bride.

Boyd worked around the clock.

He found the movie very dull.

I wish I'd known how to speak French.

Ima is stunningly good-looking.

George feels the same way as I do.

Did you go to London that day?

On Sundays I rest.


You've got one on your desk.


I want to know why you think we should do this.

He was good and mad by that time.

After a few years in place of "The international language of Dr. Esperanto" the short name "Esperanto" came into use. Therefore on this day we celebrate all over the world the 125th anniversary of Esperanto.

As for me, I can't agree to his offer.

I'm almost sure.

I just wanted to speak to Leon.

I know what you've been through.


I was about to leave my house when she called.

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That's a good move.

Please sit down.

That house belongs to us.

Mail for you will be held until you call for it.

I didn't think you went to college.

I don't think that's correct in any case.

I don't want to be a burden on you.

Don't make fun of other people.

The dining room isn't open yet.

Most of them are invisible without the help of a microscope.

I just want to do God's will.

He is not afraid of anything.

That looks somewhat dangerous.


I no longer love you; therefore, I am sad.

As soon as he saw me, he ran away.

This is my father's.

This is so much fun.

Many people came to the meeting yesterday.

I enjoy life.

Warren wrote that book.


Let's forget that.

He needs to make an accurate report of the case.

He shot himself this morning.

That aging film star has had three facelifts.

Shutoku didn't even notice that Steven was gone.

Throw out your weapon.

The children returned home at dusk.

Give me a reading on that meter near the boiler.

It's very early.

Put it on.

I did not miss my purse till I got home.

What time did you get home last night?

I will study abroad for myself.


I'm doing it for the money.

Fortunately, I don't buy it.

When I opened my eyes, I realized she was right by my side.

Sean is a very good friend of mine.

I hate being a boss.

His behavior is above suspicion.

She had bright black eyes.

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Federalists in Virginia were proud.

Some people come into your life as blessings, others, as lessons.

The girl saw it, too.


You have made a fatal mistake.


She has a very high-pitched voice.

Contact me tomorrow.

I can fight my battles myself.

They fought in the cause of justice.

I don't doubt that she will come here.

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This dog barks at everyone he doesn't know.

It is hard for me to keep early hours.

We're doing better.

Did you invite her to dinner?

Jiri is a very smart guy.

I took the medicine.

I don't like it when people ignore me.

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Sofia heard Ozan play the piano.

These windows are opened by him.

When I told them I'd done it, they looked at me like I was nuts.

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The meeting was held last month.


Jordan didn't seem to mind that Mysore was late.

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That's good to know.


Christophe isn't sure what to do.